Eurovision isn't all about winning. That's because these days for every winner there are around 40 losers. And just because you're a loser, you're still privileged to have been on the Eurovision stage anyway.

With all loser, erm, non-winners, someone has to come last. And unfortunately for today's birthday girl Rykka (née Christina Maria Rieder), the country she represented had some very lean years. In fact, so lean that she only scored 28 points in Stockholm. But this was an improvement on the four points the Swiss scored the previous year. Maybe she was sold the gig as Canadians have done well singing for Switzerland. Or maybe it was the disturbing wisps of smoke coming from her that put people off.

Rykka is 33 today.

Frohe Geburtstag/Bonne anniversaire/Buon compleanno, Rykka!