Switzerland up next, and another one that has their show sorted. Coco has her blocking sorted and now throws herself with gusto into this. She’s sounding great, and making good use of the stage, giving sass and attitude galore. The spot uplighters around Stee on the drums are a simple but effective framing device.

The only bit I don’t really like is the shout out to the audience, which feels like it crosses Eurovision into a stadium gig, which of course in some respects it is to the 10,000 or so in the hall, hut to the extra millions on the telly this is potentially a point at which they disconnect.

It’s a shame, really, that with a nice presentation they’ve still got the handicap of a fairly bland song, as they perform it better than some artists manage to perform theirs, but I’d be astonished if this does manage to qualify.

Monty x

Press conference

In their own words: "When we wrote the song, it started with a conversation about the state of the world and the state of our own lives. We really wanted to bring something positive to it. [The song] is really about a personal choice, 'I ain't throwing stones', about what you can do." Laurell Barker

Image Credits: Andres Putting.