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If you simply can't wait another minute for something new from the world of Eurovision, brace yourself.

Although Swiss TV is picking its song without public input, each of the three broadcasters that make up the umbrella organisation have freedom over how they pick the entry that they hope will win through.

Italian language RSI has launched an online poll, and members of the public can rate snippets of 13 songs. Voting closes on 28 September, with the winner being named two days later.

Here are the songs in the running:

  • Davide Buzzi – Mama
  • Dianaerika Lettieri – Amore infernale
  • Iris Moné – Lift My Soul Up
  • Iris Moné – Torno a casa
  • Julie Meletta – Mama (I walk alone)
  • Karin Cerini – Sorry
  • Matteo Rossi – One More Time
  • Max De Stefanis – Dove finisce il giorno
  • Nick Antic – Until you will be mine
  • Scilla Hess – Playground
  • Scilla Hess – Silence Breakers
  • Sebalter – We’ll carry the light
  • Tommaso Giacopini – Mi hai detto ama