So, the crazy second semi final draws to a close with one of my favourite songs 'Under The Ladder' and Melovin.  It’s all kind of ridiculous, as he starts off in close-up entombed in a piano and is winched up to a vertical position, before he descends the stairs to the main stage. The piano looks quite cheap and nasty, but on the last run-through the lighting was hiding some of the cheapness. His pronunciation is a little improved now. 

He’s joined by four backing vocalists shimmying on the spot and finger clicking and adding fun. He throws off his jacket and ascends the stairs again which set alight (quite pathetically, if I’m honest) and he does the (national final) last minute atop the flames. I shouldn’t, but I like it still. I love his little hand movements and confidence and I really want this to qualify. I was sure he had some points in the bag, but I’m far from certain now. 

So that’s your second semi final and I’m hearing words such as ‘batshit crazy’ here in the press centre, which I think is a fair assessment. It’s certainly going to be a memorable couple of hours next Thursday.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.