For reasons undisclosed, the feed from the hall cut out and we only got half of the song during the first two rehearsals.

On the third attempt, we got the whole shebang. As with so many songs today, nothing has changed, but again I get the feeling that it's more show than song. What gives that away? Could it be the massive piano? Could it be the fire? Or could it be that Melovin spends most of his three minutes mincing around the stage.

It's a good song - a very good song in fact - but it's weighed down with all the nonsense that surrounds it. I also don't think that Melovin's voice is strong enough to carry the song.

BUT there are all shades of other shite in this semi, so if it did qualify, it would be from the far end of the top ten.

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.