Literally run.out.of.words. Melovin starts this performance in a piano - yes *in* the piano itself, surrounded by some sort of rib cage effect. He sings the first verse lying down. Then that piano opens wide, and Melovin rises up and out of it to carry on singing.

From there he plays the piano until someone sets the steps that lead up to it aflame! The song itself (yes remember that?) has taken second place compared to what is going on around Melovin ... but, you know what, it's not half bad when you take the concept out of the visual and just listen.

The trouble is, I can't think about this song without referencing this ...

This, then, ends the semi-final of batshit crazy with a final dose of mad as a box of frogs.

I'll be back tomorrow to take you from Azerbaijan through to Finland - remember me in your prayers.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.