Ukraine brings the semi finals to a close. And it’s a confusing close. Melovin is lying down, looking like he’s strapped into some contraption or other. The camera pans out and – oh, look! He’s lying in a piano! The strapping unfolds and Melovin is hoisted aloft on a hydraulic plinth. It looks like he’s rising from the dead, not least because his wardrobe choice is more than a little vampiric, which would at least go some way to explain the zombie effect of his ridiculous contact lens.

He descends some steps from the piano gingerly, his backing singers do some armography, he shrugs his jacket off, and pops back up the stairs to play the piano, as the stairs become ablaze behind him.

His diction is improved, but this just looks like it’s a designed-for-Eurovision concept, which of course, it is, but it could do without looking so contrived. I think he’s through, given what he needs to beat, but this is just a little too out there to really connect.

Monty x

Image Credits: Andres Putting.