The 43 Worst Lyric Lines At Eurovision 2017

Eurovision lyrics

OK, so we’re used to there being a few cases of lumpy language and dubious translations every year at Eurovision, but this year the denizens of mangled English and curiously bad poetry have surpassed themselves. Heavens, the Polish song alone has enough songwriting cliches to sink a battleship, and even the songs written by native speakers have their own badges of shame to wear.

So here’s what we consider to be the worst, most protracted, or fist-gnawingly cringeworthy lines in each of the submitted songs this year. I’d make sure that you’re sitting down on a soft chair first though…


For the life of me I refuse to be anything but free

Take it from my heart it’s going to be your beat, take it from my soul it’s going to be your heat

I can tell by your eyes that you want more than this, but can we be much more beyond these sheets?

Hey now, if you let me drown I’ll swim like a champion

I can only trick you once, bad boy, have my lungs, my millions

Present day will become a birth of new wills and better thoughts

I could never leave you and the city lights, I could never beat the storm in your eyes

Fear of tomorrow, feelings we borrow, for a time

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything’s a miracle

When you’re flying high, I’m gonna raise you up till you touch the sky

Now that you are falling, let me be your calling

Tonight I’m gonna show you, show you what I’ve done, I’m laying down my armour, laying down my gun

This Western type of woman, Western Type of man, disappeared in Verona

I gotta feel good in saturation, and I’m the only one who knows

Don’t nestle here, go find lovers of your own, I am now alone

What you think is death is an inferno, and nothing more

Don’t let nobody turn you down, even if the world is rough

I come alive inside the light of the unexpected, maybe I thrive

Watch the river running dry, now it’s time to say goodbye

God spoke to me when I was four years old, he put a real gun in my hand

I know I wasn’t part of a plan, I know you think that you’re being a man

No one can promise that love will ever learn how to fly

It’s like an hourglass and you’re like trouble

Internet experts, honorary members of the selfie-addicted anonymous

Tell me baby, where we draw the line?
Tell me baby, where we draw the line?
Tell me baby, where we draw the line?
Tell me baby, where we draw the line?
Tell me baby, where we draw the line?
Tell me baby, where we draw the line?

Changes running through me with the speed of sound, there’s no wait in dream life, nothing stops me now

I got the will, I learned the skill, of a true acrobat for love

It’s a girl and maybe she’ll sleep at home, but I steal her alone

I have my suit on, no need to worry, give me your body, let’s write a story

Though the hallway catches the light, it won’t reach the corner where you strongly fight

Got eyes in my neck but I’m absent, I’m quiet in a corner seeking action, I wanna be bold but I’m only getting old

Fire, like a burning desire, taking me higher, walk in a wire

I know that nobody loves alone, maybe slowly you can learn again

If you’re stuck in a place and it feels like shit, if you wanna run feeling like a misfit

Russia (Don’t think you can get out of this THAT easily, Russia!)
Day and night all I do is dreaming, pacing sick and staring at the ceiling

San Marino
We can write another page, a golden age within our lifetime

But I love what you’re doing to me, How you spin me round, high off the ground, I’m not coming down

I’m feeling so alone, I’m turning down my tone, before the rise of sun I will be gone

Raise your head and don’t lay down with the sorrow, just open a door and you will see what comes tomorrow

Hands down to the floor my love, I am doing whatever you want

Crashing down fast, as fragile as glass

Let’s take time to find a place without violence, let’s listen and find the true meaning of silence

You’re not defeated, you’re in repair, don’t have to call me, I’ll always be there

But which was the worst? You decide!

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7 years ago

“When strangers are coming…
They come to your house,
They kill you all
and say,
We’re not guilty
not guilty” – the best lyrics for Eurovision Song Contest. So deep and pleasant.

7 years ago

It has to be the Estonian lyrics. “This Western type of woman, Western Type of man, disappeared in Verona”