An Editorial… 2021 looks a whole lot different

This is one editorial I’d never imagined I’d be writing…. Covid has put a strain on us all and the Eurovision Song Contest is no exception. 2021 will happen, but it’s likely it is going to happen without us.

No, I’m not packing the site up, though there have been days where I thought that would be best for everyone, but a healthy dose of realism is needed. We (as a team) are probably not going to get to Rotterdam. That’s not to say we’ll do nothing in the next five months… oh dear me, no – but I wanted you lot, our discerning reader and listener, to know what it’s going to look like.

We’re going to be covering the national finals in our usual way – fast results and information, exactly as you have come to know and expect over the last 21 years, that’s not changing. There will be our yearly Eurovision countdown articles between the end of Melodifestivalen and the start of the rehearsal period, with Mo and Me and probably, but not yet definitely confirmed, interjections from That Monty to keep you all entertained.
It’s May, when at least 80% of our visitors come, when you’ll notice the difference.
If, as we expect, we won’t be able to get to Rotterdam, we’ll definitely be applying for online accreditation (as we currently believe there will be an online press centre and things and, hopefully, some way of seeing what passes for rehearsals or at least those dire 90 second clips for us to pass comment on!) we’ll scour the internet for news, and views, and titbits (matron/director of nursing) so you can have as much info as possible, here, at your fingertips – Just without the added fun of live blogs and stuff – perhaps with the help of our chums and oftentimes drinking buddies at Eurovision Ireland, Mr Roy D Hacksaw, our esteemed writing team and other people we can cajole into writing for us.

There is a high chance we’ll end up doing one of those on the Semi Final days (definitely) and the day of the final.
If we do, somehow, get to Rotterdam (or environs thereof) we’ll try our level best to get accredited and put on our usual shenanigans.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best they say, and I’m doing that.

I know we’re not one of the big sites, but I do know that the people that visit care about our output, interact with us (sometimes) and actually trust me and the team behind this big old site for their Eurovision views… if not necessarily their news.
2022 should, vaccine dependant, be as normal as… well… a Belarussian Final. If we can all keep our heads, things will get better and we’ll be there too!

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2 years ago

Hey Phil
Good to hear you’ll still be involved. Covid has changed everything and all we can do is our best. Sounds like thats exactly what you intend. Glad to hear it !
This loyal reader will be happy to read whatever you manage to put out in this strangest of years.