He’s not the Anti-Christ(er) – He’s a very naughty boy!

Christer Bjorkman

So, it seems that the Eurovision firmament has decided that NTU’s decision to press their panic button and invite Christer Bjorkman to be the show producer is a BAD thing. Because they all hate Christer, and making the #melfest a “thing” was a bad idea, and of course transferring those skills to Eurovision (which is a TV show) is also a bad thing!


So in real life then, the resignation of 21 senior staff, including both Executive Producers, with little under three months to go is a genuinely bad thing. In a desperate attempt to salvage an already sunken organisational ship, they basically threw a life jacket at those who know how to run a show at short notice.

Whilst this looks bad for both the EBU and NTU – and let’s not pull any punches, it is. This also means that by hook or by crook, there will be a show for me and others to see in the second week of May.

Fans, however, have indulged in their usual panic, without realising that this is how things are done out East. There was never really any doubt that the contest would go ahead. Some sites in true clickbait style stoked fires.

You won’t get that here!

Overall, the message remains don’t panic!

There was always going to be a contest, and there will be one now … but it’s slightly more Swedish than Ukranian.

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