The gift that gives

Not content with making a mockery of the entire selection procedure by allowing all and sundry to enter and then, ya know, weighting the public say in their own final by the weight of cashola that voters put into the thing. It seems now that the uppity fans who entered the debacle that was the San Marinese selection have decided to have a go at ruining it for a third time.

A post on 1in360's Facebook page said the following :

So, in a nutshell, three butt-hurt fans who probably wouldn't have got far in an open selection for any other broadcaster, whinged to YouTube about entering a contest where they knew their videos would be seen by all-and-sundry.

Fuck's sake people ... that takes whinging to a whole new level! If this were any other broadcaster, we'd be laughing at them ... and we frankly are, but what is worse here is not the amateur hour at 1in360 but, in our opinion, the "fans" that tried and failed to get shortlisted!

It's a song contest, not everyone was going to win! Did they not read the rules?

This, to me, shows once again that anyone who is linked with being a "fan" should not enter songs. It hurts their pride when they fail and realise they aren't songwriters or, even worse, that the thing they love doesn't love them back.

Move on, let the professionals or people making a career out of it have a go.