Albania – Better late than never…. maybe?

Ronela from Albania rehearsed her song Sekret second rehearsal
Ronela from Albania rehearsed her song Sekret second rehearsal

Last shall be first and first shall be last – or something like that. So here we have Albania, held over from the first rehearsal of the day.

I dont get what all the fuss is about. Apparently, she is a “queen” and will “slay” and all of those other things that people say when they can’t adequately describe what is in front of them. The female gyrating dancer is still there, making me think that RTSH just “made shit up” in order for the song to gain traction amongst the gays, but that can’t be right can it? That would be hugely unfair to Ronela.


What I will say is that it’s more performance art than all-out Eurovision song, in my opinion. The staging is all about Ronela pounding around the stage with her male backing dancers, doing some of the old gyrating and whipping her hair back and forth at the end … but what does it have as a song? – well not a great deal in the way of lyrics apart from in the chorus, but the bits she sings are… OK. She literally just sings the hook and relies on the dancing to get us to the end, and if that is your USP then, normally, you are in trouble.

As a song ‘Sekret’ has few redeeming features. The juries won’t like this. It’s lyrically light, and not telling any sort of story, even though Ronela is (vocally) spot on. This clearly panders to a certain defined demographic and, as it is first on before any of the next four dire pieces of music, it will be remembered. This should get to the final. Not on merit, but on a process of elimination. In the final, I am fully expecting ‘Sekret’ to be swallowed up.

I may just have offended quite a lot of people, but opinions cannot be wrong.

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2 years ago

Great reviews Phil.
Ease continue to add Roy’s thoughts on Twitter, as I am not on Twitter,and this is my only chance to read his thoughts