and Finally… Germany

Malik Harris at Eurovision rehearsals today in Turin, Italy

There is a juxtapose here. Malik seems likeable enough as a person and an artist and, like so many others, has a story to tell.

He is just angry at me for existing. That’s the only rationale I can come up with for feeling like I should tell him to stop shouting at me when he tries to be all “street” and like Mr Marshall Mathers in the rap break.

This song relies so heavily on both the hook of the chorus and that rap break that when you take them away and look at what you have left…. you don’t have that much. The performance makes Malik look lonely on stage as well, with his drum machine (it’s not 1988) and his keyboard and his looper or whatever the hell it is really called.

This just melts into the background and has nothing to make it stand out. It just exists on screen and whilst the hook is catchy, I couldn’t hum it back to you now about ten minutes later and if that’s from someone that knows the songs backwards, then the real people of this contest have no hope.

Does this have accidental last written on it, not because it’s poor, but because it’s just there?