Belgium – Is he holding back?

Jérémie Makiese performed Miss You, representing Belgium, Second rehearsal
Jérémie Makiese performed Miss You, representing Belgium, Second rehearsal

Rehearsals are just for that, rehearsing, and in the first run through where Jeremie has to hit the high glissando he fell off it in the same way that a skater would fall off a Triple Lutz. As I was reminded after I winced, these are rehearsals and gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Just as I said in my countdown review of this many, many moons ago, this is a high tariff song that relies on those hooks so he has to get them right first time when it actually matters, Wednesday night and Thursday night next week, so me going ouch is not gonna make a blind bit of difference.

The stage is reset, he says all is fine in his monitors (which is reassuring). He’s still wearing the silver jacket and black tshirt, which contrast with his bleached blonde hair and the overall look is quite nice. He even has several backing singers with whom he interacts after the first couple of minutes.

The recorded backing track is helping this song, but maybe all in the wrong places because in the upper vocal register Jeremie is weak. This all has to be tempered with the whole “holding his voice back” argument, which can certainly be made because, in my opinion, this is a certain qualifier if he pushes that voice to its maximum. He has potential, the main part of the song is very well sung, I just hope that is not all he has.