Lithuania – a triptych of Roopness

The Roop backstage at Eurovision 2021
The Roop backstage at Eurovision 2021

I’m bracing myself, as The Roop are not my favourite participants. I’ve already written about how I find the ‘craziness’ a little bit forced, so I won’t rehearse that again; let’s focus on what they do bring here.

The inevitable early morning, day 1 technical jitters mean we miss a couple of runs of this. It seems the first run through won’t be streamed (a sensible option I think, give the artists some breathing space as the acclimatise to the stage). But when we do it’s exactly what you expect The Roop to bring.

Canary yellow outfits ensure they’ll bring a burst of colour and energy to #OpenUp the show, and I do think this makes sense as a running order. The dance is all there, all the wacky moves you’ll either love or hate. There’s some split screen effects, presenting us a triptych of Roopness, as Vaidotas turns on a white Cuban heel and switches on his effortless charm.

A changing backdrop of mostly purple lasers and 80s video game geometric grids switches with a checkerboard effect. I have to say the stage and set looks great! It has staggering scale in the long shots yet allows an intimacy in the close ups. It’s hammering home how nice this would be to see in the venue but is going to make for a lovely TV experience. If only I liked the song…

Monty x

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Adrian Murphy
2 years ago

Totally agree here. Great opener and big energy and omg EUROVISION IS BACK!!!