Lithuania – By way of contrast

Monika Liu times two
Monika Liu times two

This is an unexpected comedown from the mental-ness that we have seen over the last two songs. I didn’t give this a prayer when I heard it at first – maybe I’ve been wrong.  Well I have been wrong before.

Dressed in a black and silver dress, Monika literally stands front and centre on the stage whilst the camera works all around her and it’s effective to a point. There are a couple of side-by-side mirroring camera tricks which look good. My only issue with this first run through is that she isn’t interacting with the camera enough, and if that was to continue I think the impact that she would have would be lost on the viewing public.

By the time of the second run through, your reviewer-in-chief has been reminded that this song would have had the now infamous rotating sun behind her but, you know what, I don’t think it needs it. What it does need, though, Is better lighting on Monika, because she is left singing in the dark at some points and that is a really *really* bad look. By the time they have put 50 lira in the meter in the second half of the song as with the first run through, I think she has lost any connection with the audience that the change of gear was supposed to engender, and it ends up coming across a bit like a piece of floating driftwood.

The final “camera” rehearsal doesn’t reveal anything else of note. It’s sung well as you would expect, but for me it’s lacking something … and I don’t know what. Maybe it *is* the connection to the camera after all, maybe it’s just some movement because Monika is very statuesque and seems to swivel on the spot and move her shoulders.

It’s NOT Dancing Shoulders, dear.  But I’m flummoxed as to who on this planet is going to vote for this – it’s just dreary.