Lithuania – round the loop a 2nd time everyone?

The Roop backstage at Eurovision 2021
The Roop backstage at Eurovision 2021

Morning all – to day is going to be very hectic so expect things to be coming thick and fast with FIFTEEN rehearsal blogs – good god almighty!

Lithuania first up and they started on time which is a thing these days, he had a problem with his mic pack half way through his first run through but, ever the pro, he managed to tuck it away quite nicely and finish the song – has he been watching 1985?

Despite this faux pas it looked slick on stage, if a little busy for my personal taste.  The second run through was slick and professional and, much as I hate to admit it, it looked really good on stage.  The bit where they Dance doesn’t look that stupid and it looks a coherant piece, unlike some we have seen over the last 4 days and even the split screen effects look good.

Whatever you think about the song and it’s weaknesses, he performs the backside off of it.

Qualifying : OH GOD YES