Made in (E)Spain – It certainly is

Chanel from Spain putting her team through their paces in Turin
Chanel from Spain putting her team through their paces in Turin

** resisting the urge to say “Scorchio**


For me, and I must stress this is my opinion, there is not a lot to warm to in this song. It’s lowest common denominator “Lets put the Latina in a spangly dress and get her cavorting around the stage, that’ll distract from any vocal problems we’re going to have”

And make no mistake, Chanel had some. Not many and they probably won’t be noticed by a majority of Spanish fans, gays or bog eyed televiewers, but the vocal was not always exactly as it needed to be in the first two takes.

By the time the third take comes round, Chanel is OK for about the first 90 seconds. Then, to my ear, she gets sharp and can’t get it back fast enough. Then we get to the dance break which, I guess, looks effective.

Does this all matter when your staging distracts? – Probably not. The Spanish in the press centre are thrusting and gyrating along with Chanel – but then again, if she sung the phone-book from Cadiz they’d think it was brilliant because they are “supportive” (and for values of supportive read fanatical). Is this a winner? Nope, because it lacks depth. Is it Top 10? Probably.

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