North Macedonia – Are those hills still alive?

It has taken me this many seconds to work out that Vasil is actually mangling the opening notes from Edelweiss together with something from Charlie and the Chocolate factory at the beginning of this song – and, to be honest, I can’t get past that.

Vasil is all eyes and teeth and what a fine set of gnashers they are as we get to see them loads in the first half of the song but if I’m concentrating on all of those elements, I’m not concentrating on the song, the thing that people need to concentrate on in order to vote for it.  As everyone who has an opinion in Eurovisionia has said, this is a song that is straight outta Broadway and that will have its audience, as will the fact that Vasil is a friend of Dorothy.

It’s all a bit static and “me me me, look at me, how about me” for my tastes.  It looks amazing with the chromakey effects and the standard gold backdrop and dark swooshes round the universe and all but it’s just too….. beige.

Qualifying : No

Image Credits: EBU / Thomas Hanses .

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North Macedonia – Are those hills still alive? – OnEurope | NEWS EUROPE
1 year ago

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