OnEurope’s Golden Fork Awards – Day 3

As was tradition and has now become a tradition again (yeah, that’s a thing, ok?), we do a rundown of the day in our daily awards show, The OnEurope Golden Fork awards!

Today’s outstanding contributions to the Eurovision landscape are, in order of achievement.

The OnEurope Bronze fork – A coveted prize given to those who were close, but just didn’t make the grade, today goes to:

Iceland : For rehashing last year’s aborted entry only 100 time worse.

Greece : For presenting last year’s aborted entry only 100 times better – just tidy the Green Screen effects up yeah?



The OnEurope Silver fork – A prize given for those moments that are worthy, but not memorable enough, today goes to:

Benny Cristo : For alot of reasons really, falling over and exposing his crotch to Europe, for knowing he has to improve, for blocking out a rehearsal really well and for his social media just being nice.  He seems a stand out guy, oh and apparently he sings a song as well so someone tells me!


Bully’s Special Prize – Because you can’t beat a bit of Bully, given for those “special” moments you can’t forget, goes to:

San Marino :  Who needs Flo Rida when you have an understudy?  Who needs styling och consulting when you can rob your local cathedral and stick your head inside some idolatry? – Clearly not SMRTV, who have been smoking crack!


Finally, today’s OnEurope Golden Fork award for achievement, presented not in association with Asparagus World (and yes that’s real) – goes to:

Austria : For being the song that we didn’t think we wanted but definitely needed.  Funerial or not, this was a belter.

Congratulations or Commiserations to all the “Winners”? – More Tomorrow!

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3 years ago

Rehearsals day 3:

San Marino – Flo Rida is most likely a no show and the presentation is so busy. It’s a WTF of 3 minutes.

Estonia – after San Marino this is calm after the storm and he is using the same staging concept as Estonia 2019

Czech Republic – not sure if this was a real rehearsal or just going through the motion, to get the feeling of the stage.

Greece – Fokas Evangelinos brings everything he ever used in Eurovision, including Sergey Lazarov’s climbing. Somehow it was working and Greece had a good day.

Austria – classical and emotive. Maybe what we just need to clam a bit.

Poland – 80’s coming back but not in a good way. It’s dull and not working.

Moldova – They ditched the whole sugar motive feom the video and lost the part which made so fun.

Iceland – retro look that works. There is a disagreement about how this will be received by a casual viewer.

Serbia – Good energy, good vocals. Doing exactly what it promises.

That’s all falks