San Marino: 2 Questions … Followed by some more

Senhit, San Marino, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021 — EBU / Andres Putting
Senhit, San Marino, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021
  1.  Where is Valentina?
  2.  Where Is Mr Flo Rida

At least one of those was answered within the first three minutes – although those three minutes also posed as many questions as there were answers.

Mainly the following :

“What the actual fuck were they thinking?” If less is more – which I still think it is – then “more, more, more so much much oh my god we need MOAR” is certainly not the answer.  Senhit starts, and imagine this if you will dear reader, as a religious icon with her head poking out …  and whilst you digest that, your eyes are drawn to four dancers in pink gimp masks who cavort round the stage, lifting Senhit from the stage before doing some more dancing.

You can hear the backing tape more than Senhit throughout. Oh, and did I mention ALL this is taking place on a revolving parallelogram-shaped thing in the middle of the stage?

Thankfully for us, but not for his seven fans, Mr Flo Rida has been substituted by a substandard version who comes on, not with the half-time oranges, but to rap his way to the end of the song.

Considering this is one of the favourites to win, whatever happened to SING THE DAMN SONG? It’ll qualify for sure, but I’m not totally certain that this should at this rate.

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2 years ago

Sometimes I do understand Eurovision…

2 years ago

The dancers are trying to do what now, sado-maso meets high couture? That’s the Head of Delegation’s idea of a modern Eurovision? And whilst I could (possibly) be living with masks (somehow), I don’t understand San Marino’s continuous obsession with Bermuda shorts on stage. Didn’t Serhat’s boys dance in pretty much the same?