Serbia: The standout moment of 2022

Konstrakta from Serbia, Second Rehearsal
Konstrakta from Serbia, Second Rehearsal

From the first time I saw Konstrakta perform ‘In Corpore Sano‘, I was hooked. And yet, I keep telling myself it’s going to belly flop at Eurovision because nobody out there will get it. Like I’m some kind of wise old seer.

I’m not. What the Serbian team have done here is distil their message into a striking and engaging performance. Channelling her inner Abramović, Konstrakta stays seated throughout, deadpan and wide-eyed. It’s hard to look away.

Struggling artist

This is one of the few entries that truly benefit from the black semi-circle of the failed stage prop. With small bursts of light it helps underline the bare bones of the struggling artist’s existence.

There is some wonderful use of overhead shots, of lighting and graphics partly obscured, but visible none-the-less. Long sweeping shots at the end, draw attention to hands moving in time just as the on-stage performers are bathed in red light.

In a show packed to the gills with overwrought flabby ballads, Serbia may just have the stand-out moment of Eurovision 2022.

If they can sort out the on-screen subtitles, this is flying through.

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