Sweden – bet on the red?

Tusse from Sweden on stage for the first time at Eurovision 2021
Tusse from Sweden on stage for the first time at Eurovision 2021

Primary colours seem to rule in Sweden. Not only is Tusse in red (with some sparkly bits that I thought were Christmas tinsel at first look but, sadly, they appear to be mere bling) but the lighting is also predominantly red.

Tusse’s voice also doesn’t appear to be that fluid on the notes in the higher register of the song towards the end. He’s probably saving himself for the taped run through, yes, lets say that shall we?

If I’m being unkind I’d point out he missed at least two big notes by a little way in the final minute of the song.

Does it detract?, not really. It is what it is, Swedish. It’s slick and polished and the dancers do just enough mincing to know they are there but not to detract from the talent doing the singing who, for the record, was lots better in the third run through than he was for the other two.

The only real live actual criticism I have is that it all feels a bit “safe”. No one is taking any risks, both vocally or visually, and it is precisely what you would expect this song to be like. Coming after Sylvester McCoy-a-like 3 contest minutes before is going to help Tusse and yeah, he’s qualifying but he hasn’t won the morning rehearsals for me that’s for sure.

Image Credits: EBU / Andres Putting .