The Fanning Verdict – Eurovision 2021 – Lithuania

The Roop, Lithuania, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 12 May 2021
The Roop, Lithuania, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 12 May 2021

It was a 10am sharp start at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam as the final closed rehearsals for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest got underway. Today we’re getting all the acts from the first semi-final taking their second chance on the big stage with cameras rolling. You’ll get to see longer clips taken from what will be the final mix, so they may take a little longer to reach us. I’ll be adding them to our reviews as the day goes on.

Fun fact: Today’s rehearsals are being recorded to replace the ‘live on tape’ performances held in storage just in case anyone in a delegation gets Covid, so there are reasons to get everything right.

The Roop were first up, looking sharp as ever in yellow with the soon-to-be-familiar eighties grid LED backdrop. The floor is black and white, and there’s much use of purple lighting behind them. They’re tight and professional and this will make for a brilliant opener signalling the Contest’s return – it has that ‘only at Eurovision’ feel.

There was far more smiling naturally throughout and better use of the camera. On their first run-through, I said I found Vaidotas’s facial expressions somewhat off-putting. Now he looks far more natural and accessible. There’s some effective dancing with the steadicam (take note Poland, this is how it’s done). The staging is magnificent and excellent use is made of the big screens.

Thumbs up iconThe Fanning Verdict

It’s a sure-fire qualifier. I don’t see this troubling the winner’s enclosure, but it should get Lithuania their best result.