The Netherlands – majestic power and beauty

Jeangu Macrooy, The Netherlands, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 13 May 2021 — EBU / Thomas Hanses
Jeangu Macrooy, The Netherlands, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 13 May 2021

I am so curious to see The Netherlands. Jeangu’s video has a majestic quality and I love the themes he has brought to his Eurovision entry, celebrating the renewal of his country’s troubled past. I wasn’t so keen on the premiere performance, however, so I hope something that reflects the sheer beauty of the video can be summoned on stage.

I’m not disappointed! This starts in close-up with not just one Jeangu, but two – or at least his twin brother, accompanying him on stage. There’s a second singer, and later another dancer, who begins with some contemporary dancing in a costume bedecked with some chains – a nod to slavery, referenced in the lyrics.

Jeangu has a blue suit jacket, under which seems to be a stylised harness worn over his shirtless torso. His trousers too have a double belt, creating a bondage feel, and as a gay man, watching another gay man, through a gay gaze, I can’t help but have a reading of these as a nod to queer fashion whilst also nodding to the themes of the song. It’s a stunning conflation if it is.

The lines in Sranan Tonngo are accentuated by being writ large across the back of the stage, diffusing into an English translation. It emphasises the power of the lyric.

The four performers move to the satellite stage as both the backdrop and the descending LED wall burst into a colourful finale fitting the message of hope and renewal. This is glorious! I’ve no idea how it will score but I’m so glad the presentation does it justice.

Monty x

Image Credits: EBU / Thomas Hanses .

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1977 Rotterdam
1977 Rotterdam
1 year ago

Dead last. But: a glorious dead last. Classic in 2041.