‘The Sound of North Macedonia’

Vasil, First Rehearsal, North Macedonia, Rotterdam Ahoy, 8 May 2021
Vasil, First Rehearsal, North Macedonia, Rotterdam Ahoy, 8 May 2021

First off, Vasil deserves to be here on merit along, no matter what other people think. Sadly though the song itself seems to be relying exclusively on the rainbow vote.

Why do I say that? – well it sounds as though it is the missing song from a musical (tick!) and has the same uplifting beat you would expect when a character from said musical overcomes adversity (tick!) and to complete the look Vasil has a glitter ball (tick!), not dangling from the sky in a Deen stylee, but actually on his chest and, when the four spots merge on him, he lights up the room like only a diva can. (tick!)

I neglected to mention he has an approximation of his heart and the arteries from it at the very beginning of the song projected in the middle of his chest, didn’t I? How remiss of me, because seeing that means you instantly know what kind of performance it’s going to be.

He holds back on the high notes in the second and third performance, but even with the lack of them, this is nothing other than a track off a show tunes album put front and centre at a contest for popular song. Would I buy the soundtrack to his musical? – probably not because Vasil fails to connect with me on a visual level. He doesn’t look at me enough for me to believe what is, for him, a very personal song.

I just don’t buy it and I’m pretty sure that Europe won’t either, unless it’s released on K-Tel cassette…