Vladana. Proud as a peahen?

Vladana performed Breathe, representing Montenegro, Second rehearsal
Vladana performed Breathe, representing Montenegro, Second rehearsal

The sun isn’t working, so why not bring your own massive prop that you attach to your back that makes you look like a peacock *or* as if you are strapped to a Catherine Wheel. Montenegro has broken the bank to do just that and I don’t know how I feel about it!

The first run through Vladana misses one of the high notes, possibly mitigated because she said that at some points she heard the backing track click out like something was broken. She complains and RAI get it sorted. Whilst that is happening, we in the online press room see a vision-only run-through from CuePilot, the software that controls the camera angles, and it looks good enough. Vladana is on the satellite stage with the waterfall behind her rather than on the main stage, but that bloody prop strapped to her back looks unseemly.

The second time around the shrilly high note is gone, so I suspect that there was a problem with the mix as suggested so now that was put right, all is good.

The problem here is that the song is just … ordinary. If this was being performed on Tuesday, I could make a case for it going through. Strong female vocal and a half decent song. With this being in the “crazier” semi final, you have to stand out. This doesn’t stand out – although it has all the ingredients to do so.

This is in a dogfight to qualify and could go either way.