Eurovision Archive

EBU Members – ‘Europe’ in the very broadest sense of the wordWe’ve been hanging around Eurovision for years. In every host city, you can be sure of finding our team blagging their way into parties, passing opinion on the songs and shows and generally helping you feel a part of the whole shebang.

The OnEurope archive is our history book on the shelf – it captures every knee-jerk reaction, ill-judged review and spot-on prediction since we first dragged ourselves from sofa to press centre.

Enjoy it. We’ve enjoyed making it.

Here’s to many more.

Eurovision participating countries

Albania Denmark Lithuania Serbia
Andorra Estonia North Macedonia Slovakia
 Armenia Finland Malta Slovenia
 Australia France Moldova Spain
 Austria Georgia Monaco Sweden
 Azerbaijan Germany Montenegro Switzerland
 Belarus Greece Netherlands Turkey
 Belgium Hungary Norway UK
 Bosnia Iceland Poland Ukraine
 Bulgaria Ireland Portugal
Croatia Israel Romania
Cyprus Italy Russia
Czech Republic Latvia San Marino