Hungary at Eurovision

Viszlát Nyár by AWS

One of the greatest joys of being a Eurovision fan is my fellow fans, and what I can learn from them. Some bring me fun when we’re sharing a dancefloor. Some keep me out drinking when it’s late enough for me to know better. And some give me fresh perspective of this Contest I’ve loved for so long. By having a diverse group of Eurovision chums, I get to read and discuss many different views on many different genres of music, and fan resources like the ever-amusing Eurovision Apocalypse blog help me indulge my sense of the absurd.

It’s from the likes of its author Roy Delaney that I learn of screamo, a blend of emo and post hardcore punk of which Hungary in 2018 proffers an example, apparently. Well, there you are then. And just as you all were thinking it was only noise. Even with my new finely-tuned ear, I have to admit I’m with the most of you. I’ve given this a go and it’s really not for me. Hopefully the boys will make the most of their Thursday night in Lisbon, as I suspect we won’t be seeing them on the Saturday.

My marks: nul points

Will it qualify? Oh, come on!


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