Lost and Found by Eye Cue

Having a good friend who’s part of the Macedonian delegation means there’ll always be a little place in my heart for them, and I always look forward to seeing what they bring out. I get a little bit of insight into how hard they try, and how much they just want to qualify again (they’ve only done so once, with Kalliopi Mark I, in the past 10 years). This year they’ve certainly brought something different.

I’m trying to keep my first reaction in mind as I describe it. What starts as the introduction to any number of dance pop songs gives way to a reggae verse, before shifting into a two-part chorus, both of which – along with the reggae as a third part – could come from entirely different songs. I’m certainly confused, so I’m paying attention as they go around again. Yep, reggae, dance chorus, second dance chorus, it’s all there. I’m still confused, but – however unlikely – it kind of works. The trouble is though, I’ve spent so long working it out it’s over, and the whole thing has passed me by. I know I kinda like it, but I don’t really know what it was. I know I’m left wanting more, although I know that it’s not more of the reggae.

As we get closer to May, I think I’m becoming more familiar with this. I love the pop bit and am learning to live with the reggae, but what of those hearing it for the first time? Much as I’d love my Macedonian friends to qualify, and much as I think it has the possibility to do so, the song is maybe just a little too experimental for this competition.

My marks: 8 points

Will it qualify? Sadly not, there’s just too much going on in its semi-final