Inje by Vanja Radovanović

There was a time a rousing Balkan ballad would commonly feature amid the top 5, but those days are long gone. In fact, there was a time the ex-Yogoslav nations were all accused of being part of an apparent ‘anti-west bloc vote’, though a quick look at their histories on Wikipedia will see this, if it ever even existed, hasn’t proven fruitful. Montenegro is a good example, only qualifying twice.

This won’t improve their chances. It has all those elements that make a good rousing Balkan ballad, but lacks the charm of a Lane Moje or the power of a Bistro Voda, and as for a chance of winning? Nah, he hasn’t got a Molitva. It’s a shame, really, as there’s nothing wrong with this per se, except maybe the mismatch between it and the era and current feel of the competition in which its entered.

My marks: 5 points

Will it qualify? Not even in the mid-2000s