Goodbye by The Humans

It feels odd to say a song doesn’t have a competitive edge when it’s already the winner of one contest, but that’s exactly what I feel about Romania this year. I’ve heard the song several times as I’ve looped the playlist in the background, but I had to specifically watch both the video and the national final performance to try to remember it when I came to write this. I know rock’s not really my preferred genre for Eurovision, but there’s just nothing about this that’s in any way remarkable.

Like Lithuania, I’m surprised that such a large-scale process has whittled 50 entries down to this, as the national selection toured Romania. The most memorable part of that tour was the reminder that revenge is not only a dish best served cold, but also from a balcony as a juror, a year after Alex’s cringeworthy over-enthusiastic snog as he and Ilinica ended their 2017 performance. There was barely a flicker of emotion as she marked him down, and out, during the first heat. A standard band set up means we’re unlikely to see canons adorning the stage again this year, and unlikely to be hearing this sung again on the Saturday.

My marks: 5 points

Will it qualify? No, baby, no.