Tu canción by Alfred and Amaia

Aw, who doesn’t love a good old Eurovision romance? Chanée and N'evergreen. Julia and Ludwig. Dima Bilan and himself. This year we’ve got a real, blossoming case of puppy love between Alfred and Amaia from Spain. The young couple won the Spanish public’s affection as they fell in love right before the viewers’ eyes on Operación Triunfo, the revived casting show first used to select Rosa Lopez in 2002, another budding starlet who captured the hearts of her domestic audience.

This has everything and is has it caked on thick. A lovesick ballad, sticky with all the saccharine schmaltz that’s oozing out of every contrived note, as Alfred and Amaia, with pent, straining, seminal sexuality of the kind usually witnessed after necking gallons of illicit cheap booze at a high school disco during the first-ever slow dance, look like they’re not going to get to the end of any given line without launching in for a full-on snog.

Every ingredient here is goading you to hate it, but I just can’t get enough of it. I’m almost as rabid as our frisky twosome, and whilst this shouldn’t be ticking my boxes, it really, REALLY is. I adore the tune, and the premise of the lyrics, where our protagonists sing of feeling like they’re dancing for the first time together. What’s come over me? (Maybe Alfred, if he has to do an extra run through in rehearsal; he’ll be straining to pop…)

Now, before you think I’ve lost all my senses and been blinded by my own puppy love for this, let me caveat it heavily. Both artists need to reign it in on the night. The rearrangement of the song helps here, containing it a little bit more than in the national final, but it’s going to take a lot to see this pair not reach at least 3rd base in the heavy petting stakes unless they tone it down. They’ve also got to navigate one of the trickiest paths to the final and manage to save their relationship until at least May 12th whilst living it under the glare of international publicity. If they do that, I have a sneaky feeling we could be seeing Spain’s best result in a while.

My marks: douze points!

Will it qualify? N/A Big 5


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