Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 5 – AZERBAIJAN

Azerbaijan at Eurovision

X My Heart by Aisel

Dear God! Even though we have an impressive number of singers opting not to sing in English this year, Azerbaijan’s song makes you wish we had one more. Google translate would have done a less clunky job than the mess this serves up. There’s a theme of the infinite possibilities of love within the universe, but sadly you can’t just pluck any old words out of it and hope they go together. She flirts with a theme of the moon, but somewhat unfortunately declares “I’m your loon”, before bidding “lunar moon me up”. And then there’s the chorus. “I cross my heart, I tear down the firewalls. I cross my heart, I’m stronger than cannon balls.” I mean, seriously, is there nothing in the budget for a proof-reader?

Despite the lyrical limitations, this is an annoyingly catchy pop song, and after Running Scared became an almost accidental winner in 2011 you can’t write Azerbaijan off. That said, the success of their earliest entries has failed to be repeated over the past four years, despite sending richer, more interesting songs. Will they continue with their 100% qualification record, or might this just prove too trite for voters?

My marks: 7 points

Will it qualify? Probably

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