Belarus at Eurovision

Forever by Alekseev

It’s not a national final season without some controversy, and so often that’s come from either Belarus or Ukraine. This year one man straddled both camps. Ukrainian singer Alekseev was in, then out, of his own selection, before shaking it all about in Belarus. As well as shaking he certainly managed to stir, as it was revealed his entry, Forever, had been a feature of his live sets in its longer, Russian version Навсегда since May last year.

Of course, the previously impermeable 1st September cut off date has now become a little more porous if no competitive advantage can be derived by a song being heard before it. Thus was is deemed that Forever can compete, and so Alekseev will join the bunfight of semi-final 1 where he may find out his luck, unlike his song title, is finite.

Forever is a moody, somewhat introspective affair with a slight sixties dark vibe, although a newer video purporting to be the final version has had much of the orchestration ripped out of it, which I think further hampers his chances. Alekseev cuts a rather tortured figure for whom you suspect joy may not come easy. One of his Belarussian predecessors, Alyona Lanskaya, stepped onto the Eurovision stage out of a giant disco ball; in his national final Alekseev wore a body suit resembling one with thousands of individually programmed lights casting illuminated patterns across his body. If he brings this to Lisbon he’ll have to hope he doesn’t blow his fuse before the final.

My marks: 6 points

Will it qualify? No.


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