It has become a tradition that fans love the French Eurovision entry. No matter what - even when last year they entered a lovely lass with one of the most vacuous forgettable songs going.

When first I heard 'Mercy', I understood at once why the French televoting public would want to pick it. It brought to mind the musical genius of Balavoine. It's the kind of thing they 'get'. I happened to mention to Mr Phil that I really quite liked it. His response at the time was curt and unrepeatable.

Much as I liked the song, I couldn't deny the live vocals were shaky. (Though preview party appearances have suggested something better). The song itself is somewhat repetitive, and the ernest staging made everything look a lot like a French and Saunders sketch about France at Eurovision. To be fair, MM will probably do a lot for the turtleneck sweater industry.

I've heard 'Mercy' a fair few times since that first listen, and with each hearing, my love for it lessens. And maybe that's going to be the French trump card, it only gets to pitch for votes once - at the final. Viewers don't get the chance to tire of it.