Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Hungary

I’ve put off this review until late in my Countdown run, mostly on account, I find it unlistenable. Not their fault. Just not my bag.

To give AWS their due, they’re doing music that sounds to be their passion, and (like with the Dutch), there’s been no attempt to pretty things up or tame it down for Eurovision.

Of course, it’s going to get noticed, as it’s the only ‘real’ rock song on offer this year – but being in the first semi-final should effectively cancel out its chances. Add in the fact that politically, Hungary doesn’t have many friends right now, and chances of it making the final feel slim.

Maybe some jury members might feel obliged to chuck this one a bone, it’s a sound composition and the lads will hammer the hell out of it on stage. In its genre, it could likely be a hit, but I just don’t know how many Thursday evening campfest viewers will judge it worthy of points.