Tired of being snubbed for entering the wrong song, Macedonian television appears to have opted for three different ones this time.

The jolt from the first few lines into what feels like the song proper lacks subtlety. The jump to the third song - in effect the chorus - works so much better. I tend to think 'Lost and Found' would work so much better without the cod-Calypso.

MPT have a long history of buggering any chance they have with the staging. Everything tends to play on the sexuality of the performer - and target the dirty mac brigade. The second half of the preview video sees Marija Ivanovska don an unflattering pink thing that screams potential camel toe. Add to which, the few party appearances available online have indicated live vocals might be a weak point.

I'm always in the same place with Macedonia. They enter songs that I like well enough, but would never vote for. The chorus of this one - and the studio vocals - are superb, but it's what's going on around it that might cause it to join a long line of non-qualifying Eurovision entries.