Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Norway

When Rybak brought ‘Fairytale‘ to Eurovision, it was clear he’d be leaving with the trophy. And he’s quickly become Eurovision royalty. Like Johnny Logan before him, he’s a regular on the national final circuit. Unlike Logan, he’s not going to enjoy a second win.

This is a terrible song. If I never heard it again, I’d be happy. It’s hard to know what annoys me most. Is it the scatting, the cheesy lyric, the power violin, Rybak’s past-its-sell-by-date urchin charm.

It would take a miracle to avoid hearing this at the final – and the bookies reckon it’s destined for bigger things, but I truly hope it follows in the footsteps of other returning winners (Nilsson, Dana International, Kavanagh) and teaches someone a lesson.

When you’ve won, be proud, don’t spoil it by being greedy.