Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Spain

Male/female duos don’t tend to win Eurovision – although I give you Ell and Nikki – whose victory still has many stumped.

It’s hard to argue against this being the strongest Spanish entry in years. It’s a well-composed song, it has all the shiver-down-the-spine elements, but I do wonder if it might be too calculated. The Italian sure-fire winner last year had that going on, and I get the same feeling here.

Much will come down to the staging. At the Operación Triunfo Eurovision gala, the performance was enough to bring on Type 2 diabetes. If they can be just a tad more Common Linnets and a lot less grabby, they’ll score high.

The saccharine will be (thankfully) lost on the non-Spanish speaking world – and that’s a plus.

Really, what I see here is two people with good voices, a song that’s been beautifully produced and a national broadcaster finally having a damn good go at not coming last.