La bella Italia. Known chiefly these days for being a bit sulky with the contest for a gazillion years in the 90's-2000's, and then coming back and attempting to win it. For five years in a row, with very good songs.

Sadly, though, this time they have entered something average and I'm disappointed. The first verse alone shows the song has too many words to flow properly. Whist there is a message behind the song, you won't be able to see it projected on your screens - due to the lack of LEDs. Will this stunt the song? Definitely - as will the rather weird uptempo backing track, juxtaposed with what they are trying to actually say.

Televoters are going to wonder "What is this song about?" and pass over it. Jurors, however, will see the merits of the songwriting (as they are supposed to) - but I suspect it's nowhere near good enough to get near the top of the board. I'm not expecting high things for this and that's a shame because it could have been more.

Phil's Score - Due Punti (2 points)


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