Gromee featuring Lukas Meijer

Poland usually picks something eclectic for this contest. In recent years, we've had milkmaids and a long haired man that hoovered up televotes, but rarely have they been entering anything that’s musically good.

However, Gromee and his chum Lukas have just that: a pop song in the modern mould, sounding not unlike something that the late Avicii would have produced “back in the day” – but 'Light me up' is much much more than that.

It has a strong chorus and two good verses, and flows very nicely to build to a climax in a non-rushed style, which means that I actually enjoy these three minutes, rather than them feeling forced. It has breaks, where the keyboard style thing is put in and there could be a little “Club style” dancing – but not too much, I hope.

It’s a perfectly-formed, perfectly-performed pop song which, sometimes, is exactly what the contest needs. Televoter and Jury friendly, this is a dangerous song.

Phil’s score – TEN Points.

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