Romania have a good record in this contest and, as I have said for ages, will win this contest in a rolling 5 year period.  However they usually scupper their chances by entering pa.

Not this time, though.  The Humans and their song “Goodbye” ( leaving so soon?) is what we so-called journo’s call “ A right good song”.   Lyrically it’s a bit angsty and talks about not leaving and crying and things like that and you couple that with a faux Roxette rocky background beat to the song and you could be transported to 1991-2-3 but in a *good* way.

One of my concerns is that it ends rather suddenly after such a good build up that it’s almost like someone went “Shit, three minutes – gotta end the song now” and just wrote the last note and walked off.   I fear though it’s not complex enough for the juries, not televoter friendly enough to get the real people voting in their gazillions but it has a familiarity that the older demographic will get.

Phil’s Score – SIX points.