Now, as I am away for the weekend you’ll be pleased to know that I knocked this up when sober so ...

This is a song in two parts for Alekseev. The first sort of minute and the last two minutes seem to have been superglued together to make one song, and it's a very clunky join. I think I know what he was aiming for: a build towards the end by keeping the backing track quiet and springing a gear shift. Somewhere, the synchromesh of that gear change has gone missing, because, damn, it sounds false.

It’s very generic, and lyrically not very good. Alekseev is going to have to sell this beyond the usual diaspora in order to do anything that resembles qualification. I think that the hoo-har of the song being performed before time will be replaced with the fact that, frankly, it’s poor.

Phil’s Score – one point