Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Belgium

Eliot from Belgium is performing a song written by the guy behind 2017’s ‘City Lights’ – and there is a certain similarity in tone. Like Blanche, Eliot relies on affected fluffed diction to create an effect.

‘Wake up’ was one of the earlier internal selections to appear online, and in among all the less polished songs at that time, it stood out. Hearing it now in the context of the full roster, it’s less impressive, although retains a contemporary edge. As a composition, I like the way it builds and flows.

I struggle with Eliot’s diction and can’t help but wonder if it might have worked better in his native French.

A lot will come down to how confident and charming Eliot is as a performer.

It doesn’t sparkle … yet, but there’s something about this that I can’t quite place.

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