Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Belarus

‘Like it’ is a perfectly inoffensive slice of minipop from Belarus. Zena can’t help being sixteen, but everything about this song and the national final staging drew attention to this.

The tune itself has an edge of mid 90s Denmark. And by all accounts, she’s not exactly the kind of brat you want to hang out with over mocktails at a Eurovision party.

There’s nothing here to really hate, but – by the same yardstick – there’s nothing to love.

I keep reading about how this year is the best Eurovision, ever. And for sure, there are some really great songs in the line-up for Tel Aviv. But there are also a huge number of less great songs.

In most years, you get two or three brilliant entries, two or three bad ones and the rest gravitate towards the middle. There’s a lot less sitting in the middle in 2019.

For the first time (and it won’t be the last) …

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