1. Just noticed one thing during the Georgian song which was one of the headlines in the newspapers was “Russia invades Georgia”. I wonder if that is going to be allowed to make the final cut in whatever background presentation is put in place for this song in Kyiv. The EBU are already walking a tightrope here with this contest.

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      Sweden – This is just dire and while I’m sure it will make the final it would serve Sweden right if it didn’t qualify. Although given they’ve hosted twice in the last few years I’m sure the bean counters in SVT will be quite happy with a mid-table finish.

      Georgia/Albania – Putting these two together because they are so similar in style. I know we’ve always had big female ballads in ESC but since Conchita the “faux James Bond” style ballad seems to be the choice in this style. Neither of these particularly grab me in any way. Couldn’t tell or care if they will make the final.

      Australia – It’s a pleasant song delivered by a nice looking young boy but unlike the last two entries for Oz this once really feels like it’s trying to hard. There’s nothing offensive about it and he has a decent voice but it really doesn’t make any impact.

  2. Are you having your own version of JBJ of ESCinsight?

    I have to apologize in advance – Some of the songs, I have reviewed on the original JBJ, so I might repeat my self:)

    Sweden – Plastic, plastic and again plastic, that’s what I get when hearing this presumed song. It’s monotonic as a song based on 1 accord can be (it didn’t stop them winning in 2015, though) and like last year I have a feeling that it gets so much love, just because it’s a Swedish song. If it would have come from a different country it would have perceived as shallow and uninspiring.
    And about the staging – Didn’t Greece used something similar on one of Sakis Rouvas’ gigs?

    Georgia – A good Bond song need a good singer. Someone that can carry a tune and help lifting the song a bit. The song is not a good Bond song and she is not a good singer. Neither she has the range to carry the song and somehow it seems that the song was written to someone with a different voice range. Right now this sounds like a car crash waiting to happen.

    Australia – One of Eurovision rules is that a song should be memorable after first listen. I’ve already listened 6 times to this one and I still can’t remember how this one goes. It just forgettable and that’s not a good sign for a song that require to impress in 3 minutes.
    And someone will need to explain me why a 17 years old guy need to sound so depressing.

    Albania – It starts quiet promising but than the bombastic arrangement kick in and she start wailing and she just lost me. I think it’s a song that had a potential but the the potential got lost in translation in the actual song.

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