1. Belgium – This one is really growing on me but I fear that might be it’s problem because I think it requires several listens before it starts to click and most of the audience will hear it once only and may just forget it. For me the bridge section comes just at the right time in the song but i think it needs just something else after that to really hammer it home.

    Montenegro – Dear God…seriously??????

    Finland – From the ridiculous (see above) to the sublime. Wow! This is beautiful. I agree with Valentina about just something extra at the end. Not anything huge but just something to sustain the power of the final repeat. We’ve seen quirky dark songs do well in ESC and I hope this does as well as it deserves it.

    Azerbaijan – It doesn’t grab me as much as the reivews above but it’s a decent entry and nicely put together. They do need to correct the grammar which sounds odd to English speaking ears. Expect to see this do well but would be disappointed if it won.

  2. Belgium – I like it, a lot.It’s moody and yet modern.There is a contrast between her voice and the melody and it makes it quite interesting,But, and that’s a big but, she will need to be, vocally, top notch and the staging need to be perfect or this will fail miserably. If they get everything right than it will do very well, something I wouldn’t mind at all.

    Montenegro – This über gay.If it was a contest of Mr. gay Eurovision, I would have vote for him. I wouldn’t throw him out my bed, if I’m honest,But as a song it’s on the side of rubbish. There is a bit 70’s sound to and it’s basically a a bit of a modern twist on a disco sound but something is missing for me to fully enjoy this. Somehow is appearance is taking the focus from the song and that’s not good in a song contest.

    P.s. – Did anyone notice that his lip-sync is out of tune with the music.If he was a contestant at RuPaul Drag Race he would loose the lip-sync for his life challenge and would be eliminated. It does make you wonder if he can actually sing this live and also if he can sing it in tune.

    Finland – Again it’s a song I like although it wasn’t love at first hearing. It’s simple but effective.There is a nice built to it and it a very gentle, though a bit depressing. That musical interlude is super and give a good lead to the the end of the song. The national final performance was spot on and effective. They should keep the staging as it was than.

    Azerbaijan – it’s well produced but not over produced. It has a modern sound to it and it is definitely not bland or cliché. It doesn’t choose a safe path and always keep you interested and curious.I usually don’t like the Azeri’s songs but this one will probably be an exception.

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