1. Portugal – I don’t understand a word he says and yet I feel directly connected with the song. It gives me goosebumps every time hearing this. Yes, it will not be out of space in a contest of 1960’s, but with all overproduced sons this shines like a diamond. And a diamond it is. I admit that it is love or it hate it song and hopefully,comes May, those who love it are in far greater numbers than those who hate it.
    Needless to say that i hope it get out of the semi and while I don’t see it winning, but if by some miraculous way it will, I will be very satisfied with such result.

    Greece – It’s a standard pop song with 1 aim. To get Greece out of the semi and will do just that. it’s dated by sound and I’m sure there is a crowd for this kind of song, I’m not one of them.
    The verse remind me Dana International’s 2011 attempt, which was dated than and even more dated now,

    Poland – It’s dramatic and moody and she can belt this out, however there is no development in the song. It has a sort of 1 tune to it. It could have been much better if we could hear some change in it. It’s not half bad but it could have been much, much more.

    Moldova – There is not much going on here.It’s 1 accord, repeating itself, over and over and there is the saxophone shtick, repeated twice and that’s it. Not doing much for me but it could work for a larger audience.

    Iceland – I am at odd with what all of you think, It is actually a decent song with a good hook in the chorus.. Her stage performance during the NF is hiding the fact that this is well written song that built up very nicely. I think it has a lot to overcome for this to have some success this year and if it does, you have hear a surprise qualifier.

  2. Oh, let me hug Phil please. Portugal. Is. Beautiful. Enough said. But then I am getting forty this year and younger members of the household are voting for Bulgaria – so understand Mo and Valentina’s reservations

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