1. Czech republic – Is simply boring, no matter how lovely she can sing. It’s just missing everything to have a good result.

    Cyprus – I stay in my original thoughts. It pass me by, living no marks. Nothing bad to say but also nothing good to say about this song.

    Armenia – When hearing the first bars of the song, I thought I was hearing Azerbaijan 2014(Start A fire), all over again. But than it take a turn to a more oriental kind of music. I have to say that while it’s nice to hear and you tap your foot and node your head with the music, I still have difficulties to remember the song when it’s finish. She has a voice and a stage presence but the song is somehow not that memorable as it should be.

    Slovenia – It’s a song you will be in place in a musical, though not a very good one. It’s a big male ballad which depends on the way the singer sell it. He sell it well, but it’s so dated and that big key change is such a cliché. You just knew it will be there.

    Latvia – This one confuse me. Sometime I think it fabulous and sometime I think it’s not going anywhere. That repetitive chorus is catchy as hell and I do wonder how this will sound live and how they are going to stage it(and no I haven’t seen their NF performance.Didn’t look it up on YouTube).

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